Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil, 1972

Extremely Rare "Alta" lounge chair in leather and stainless steel. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil. Produced in Paris, 1971. In collaboration with Anna Maria Niemeyer. From the permanent collection of R & Company.

Oscar Niemeyer is undoubtedly one of the most influential architects of the twentieth century and, while not often, he too designed furniture. The "Alta" lounge chair from 1971 was the first one he created, in collaboration with his daughter, Anna Maria Niemeyer, for the Communist Party Headquarters in Paris. This extremely rare early example was briefly produced for the retail market by Mobilier International and retailed in Europe for a few years.

45" L x 28" W x 32" H
114.3 cm L x 71.1 cm W x 81.3 cm H