Sebastian ErraZuriz’s Kaleidoscope Cabinet


“One of the unique things about Sebastian ErraZuriz‘s mechanical cabinets is that they encourage you to participate in their function.” explains gallery co-founder & principal, Evan Snyderman regarding Chilean-born New York based multidisciplinary artist Sebastian ErraZuriz whose first solo show at the gallery, Breaking The Box, closes Saturday March 9.

The exhibition features three series of the artist’s work including his “Mechanical Cabinet” series, “Aviary” series, and “Metamorphosis” series. The “Mechanical Cabinet” series invites viewers to question the boundaries around them with a collection of simple boxes that open and expand in unexpected ways.

“Like performance art, each work has a choreographed series of motions to uncover their beauty and potential.” continues Snyderman, “The Kaleidoscope cabinet appears fairly ordinary from the outside except for the small peepholes found at either end of the case – when one peers inside, an entirely fantastic new world is revealed, surprising the unsuspecting viewer.”

Unlike the other works in ErraZuriz’s “Mechanical Cabinet” series, the Kaleidoscope cabinet’s magic doesn’t lie in a performative opening, physically manipulating the work, but rather through the act of looking.

“This particular cabinet was created in memory of an old aunt I had when growing up that always told us we could ‘look but never touch’ the beautiful objects she had in her house.” explains ErraZuriz, “The fact that these objects were out of bounds only made them more magical for my brothers and I who were mesmerized in every visit. The cabinet includes an interior light and a peep hole so that when its doors are closed and the cabinet is locked. The viewer can still peer inside and see the objects multiplied infinitely offering a glimpse of its precious belongings to those of us allowed to ‘look but never touch’.”