Presenting The Artisans


“When designing a custom textile, I conceptualize the entire space. The color, content, and pattern choice is influenced by the overall environment.” says Tara Chapas, the masterful hand-weaver who crafted the fabrics in our new exhibition, The Artisans. The show is a collaboration of Chapas Textiles’ handwoven fabric upholstered with care by French upholstery atelier Jouffre on rare works by Brazilian modern masters Joaquim Tenreiro, Carlo Hauner and Jose Zanine Caldas.

“In contrast with how I normally work, the inspiration for the fabrics used here came from the individual furniture pieces.” continues Chapas, “The architecture and curvature of each piece was the starting point for the type of pattern and quality of fabric. I wanted to give these iconic pieces a bit of new life while respecting their origins by allowing the overall frame to be the focal point. It was important they have their own identity and soul, and not be part of one collective thought.”

“For everyone at Jouffre and more specifically for our upholsterers, this sort of collaboration with R & Company is a treat..” says Romain Jouffre, “Being able to breath new life into furniture designed by some of the most influential Brazilian designers of the mid-20th century is a fantastic reward – it’s an opportunity to learn more about the designers – their aesthetics, life and careers. We come to the workshop everyday to see these kind of pieces. They require a very particular attention to detail, a thorough analysis of how they were originally upholstered, and great skills to recreate them to perfection.”

“We are thrilled to be handing these valued treasures to the finest artisans in the business of upholstery and textile making. This allows the furniture to be brought back to its former glory while simultaneously moving towards the 21st century.” concludes R & Company co-founder Evan Snyderman of the collection of 8 unique lounge chairs and a striking boucle daybed on view on the lower level of 82 Franklin Street. The Artisans is on view through March 16.