Now Representing Sebastian ErraZuriz

R & Company is pleased to announce representation of Sebastian ErraZuriz. Renowned for his innovative approach as an artist, designer, and activist, ErraZuriz challenges traditional definitions of art and design–mixing genres, techniques, and disciplines. ErraZuriz’s experimental practice is informed by his desire to provoke conversation and awareness even if these elicit controversy. His expansive body of work ranges from provocative public art to functional sculpture and furniture design. As such, ErraZuriz’s interdisciplinary approach subverts conventional categorization, and invites the viewers to consider the ways in which any work can be simultaneously both conceptual and functional.

“We are thrilled to represent Sebastian’s mechanical furniture and conceptual lighting,” states Evan Snyderman, co-founder of R & Company. “His meticulous craftsmanship, which is mostly executed in his Brooklyn studio, paired with his unique brand of conceptual design epitomizes the exceptional quality, storytelling and visionary thinking we look for in an artist.”

ErraZuriz states, ” R & Company is always willing to experiment and try new things while challenging the artists and designers they represent to push their own boundaries. This push to break through the barriers of what is expected from an artist’s repertoire represents a common passion we share with R & Company. In the same manner as I find it fascinating to question the limits of technical craftsmanship and mechanical ingenuity, I also feel compelled to break free from the traditional palette of materials an artist is expected to work with.”

Born in Chile and raised in London, NY based artist and designer Sebastian ErraZuriz earned a degree in design in Santiago and a Master of Fine Arts from New York University. ErraZuriz’s work has been exhibited internationally and resides in an array of permanent museum collections from the Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York to the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki.

“Sebastian’s work is saturated with the history of art,” notes James Zemaitis, Director of Museum Relations.  “His 2014 retrospective at the Carnegie Museum of Art was a dazzling portrait of a young designer willing to try anything, and our intent at R & Company is to collaborate with him on several specific categories in his design practice, such as his ingenious mechanical furniture and its connections to European furniture makers of the 17th and 18th Centuries.”

Sebastian ErraZuriz will premier his Bird Series at R & Company’s booth at Expo Chicago from September 27 – 30. ErraZuriz states “The series places a focus on a body of work that has always captivated audiences. Like a precarious juggling act, these avary lamp sculptures manage to juggle between the absurd and the humorous, the morbid and the disgusting, the prohibited and the naif.”

A selection of ErraZuriz’s functional sculptures and experimental furniture designs can now be found at R & Company.