Galerie Magazine features Katie Stout and Johnny Swing in their “Creative Minds Issue”

Katie Stout

Katie Stout’s intentionally naïve, kitschy-pop style is an explosion of exuberance. Seven
years out of the Rhode Island School of Design, where she studied furniture design, the
young Brooklyn-based talent has been creating a stir with her distinctive, playful works
that belie their subversive agenda, like her coveted series of ceramic “Shady Ladies”
lamps. Last year, she crafted an edgy ready-to-wear collection for boutique concept
store Forty Five Ten. “The end game is that I want to create things that make people
light up,” says Stout, whose solo presentation at Nina Johnson in Miami, “Sour Tasting
Liquid,” presents a brand-new body of work celebrating handicrafts.

Johnny Swing

They say money is the root of all evil, but for Johnny Swing, it’s the centerpiece of the
striking furniture he creates by attaching thousands of welded nickels and other coins onto patinated-metal frames. Thanks to his masterful craftsmanship, the sensuous organic forms appear to fl oat weightlessly—and are surprisingly comfortable to sit in. “When I started in the 1990s, I used discarded pennies. I collect and use all sorts of coins now,” says Swing. “I like the fact that from a distance you really just focus on the shape of my work, but as you get closer, you get more definition and tighter focus points.” In May, his New York gallery, R & Company, will feature a group of seven new pieces that can interlock to form an egg shape or exist individually as chairs, benches, and stools.