Serban Ionescu

A biography

Born in Romania and raised in Queens, New York, Serban Ionescu (b.1984) blurs the boundary between sculpture and design, creating a space one can inhabit. Erupting from the automatic act of drawing, his loose instinctual lines and his vibrant pops of color expand into sculptural collages that constantly shift in scale. Whether in works of design, fine art, sculpture or architecture, his distinctive style and cartoonish gestures engender a unique language of anthropomorphic forms. His pet-like objects and sculptural designs become entities that playfully transform gesture into being, impulse into experience, for the viewer to study and for the visitor to explore.

Ionescu’s work has been published in the New York Times and Dwell Magazine, among other notable publications. He has been featured in five solo exhibitions in New York and several group shows. He presented his first collaboration with R & Company in September 2019 and recently completed his largest project to date, Chapel for an Apple, an outdoor architectural folly, in Hudson, NY.