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Charles Hollis Jones "Seeing Clearly"

18 September - 31 December 2002

R 20th Century presents "Charles Hollis Jones: Seeing Clearly," opening September 17th and running through December 31st, 2002. The R Gallery invited architect Calvin Tsao from the New York based architecture firm Tsao & McKown to turn the gallery into a architectural jewel box for the first American retrospective of this innovative 20th Century designer's stunning work in acrylic.

Inset, wall mounted pedestals, flowing curtains and soft spot lights are used to create a stage for Jones' furniture. Among the lounge chairs, tables, lighting and beds are pieces designed for the residences and offices of a number of culturally significant figures and firms such as Tennessee Williams, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, and for the offices of Ebony magazine and the Playboy Pip's Club.

Charles Hollis Jones specialized in acrylic design, exploring pioneering methods of crafting elegant work from this unique material. Combining the clear acrylic with brass, chrome, steel and upholstery, Jones captured the essence of Hollywood opulence and style. The work collected for the exhibition features his popular "Metric Line," "Blade Line" and "Waterfall" series.


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