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26 April - 1 August 2002

Designer: La Gardo Tackett

R and Steven Learner Studio worked together to transform the entire gallery into an idyllic garden environment inspired by the mid-century beach houses of the Hamptons. The show features an impressive collection of vintage outdoor furnishings from such renowned American designers.

The comprehensive installation encourages the viewer to take part in the once-revered lifestyle of leisure, comfort and style. The use of native pines, sea grass and cactus encapsulate the idea of "indoor outdoor living" where the walls are brought down by the use of floor to ceiling glass and the plants become a design element equal to that of a sculpture. The use of stone, glass, wood and steel take you off of the New York street above and into a lush summer garden of Good Design.

In a unique marriage of good design and horticulture, the huge collection of original Architectural Pottery planters in the "Outside" exhibition will be planted according to their size and maintained throughout the show. New York based garden editor and designer Lindsey Taylor will select the plants and design the extensive gardens within the space.

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