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Jeff Zimmerman

19 January - 20 February 2016

Designer: Jeff Zimmerman

R & Company is thrilled to announce the opening of Jeff Zimmerman, an exceptional new body of work by the preeminent glass artist. The exhibition opens to the public from 6-8 pm on Tuesday, January 19th. Mr. Zimmerman will be present for the opening.

The exhibition finds Zimmerman reaching new heights within the universe of objects and motifs he unveiled in previous exhibitions. Already considered a maestro in the glass world when he opened his first solo exhibition with R & Company in 2007, Zimmerman has since honed his craft even further, working at both a micro and macro scale to explore and exploit the possibilities of the material. In this exhibition the designer builds on an already momentous career to present entirely new sculptural and functional works of exceptional creativity and staggering beauty.

The exhibition is inspired primarily by Zimmerman's concept of time as it relates to processes in nature, particularly in relation to water. From the rapid staccato of a skipped stone, to the meditative passage of ice flows, to the seemingly eternal formation of a crystal, Zimmerman makes these invisible moments visible and in doing so offers a new perspective on how we consider time in our daily lives.

The movement of water is a natural analog to the process of glass-making itself, in which the material moves from fluid and molten to permanently fixed. At a time when so much design is created digitally and through computer modeling, it is a can't-miss event to witness a designer with this level of skill and dedication, taking risks and working by hand to capture the humbling awe and wonder of natural phenomena. Zimmerman's practice marries technical mastery of a single medium with rigorous conceptual thought, resulting in work that re-defines the possibilities of glass-making.

Jeff Zimmerman features over a dozen new works as well as a large selection of the designer's sketches and process drawings. The exhibition remains on view through February 20, 2016.

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