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Rogan Gregory Fertility Forms, USA, 2016.
Rogan Gregory Fertility Forms, USA, 2016.

Dialogue: Process in the Creation of Myth

10 May 2017


2055 N Damen Ave. Chicago, IL.

Rogan Gregory, Sculpture and Sculptural Lighting, Montauk. In collaboration with R & Company, NYC
Gabriel J. Shuldiner, Paintings, NYC
Eric Gushee, Drawings, Chicago
Jonathan Cross, Ceramic Sculpture, Los Angeles

The logic driving this disparate group of artists is of the process of meditative repetition, allowing each to create and define personal myth behind their work. 

Continuing the exploration and deep attention to detail, process, nuance and resemblance to nature, forms evolve on an intuitive and macro level.

The interpretation of the chaos of nature through an intersection of geology and architecture, timeless associations of form and material, layers of information enacted through repetition result from this study.
Basic materials: carbon, clay, bronze, pigment imbued with a tactile function; allow the viewer’s perceptions to be altered, if only for a moment.

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