Thaddeus Wolfe Assemblage Vessels, 2016
Thaddeus Wolfe Assemblage Vessels, 2016

Thaddeus Wolfe Featured in Vitreous Bodies: Assembled Visions in Glass

23 January - 4 March 2017


Stephen D. Paine Gallery

Everyday and ethereal, utilitarian and magical, glass has served as vessel, window, mirror, and sculptural medium for nearly five millennia. By nature contradictory, glass fluidly transforms in and out of states and yet is defiantly durable. Its physical and metaphorical qualities allow artists to make work of virtuosic beauty and profound meaning – bringing focus to difficult or opaque issues. Demonstrating diverse processes including blown, cast, and flamework, the site specific installations in this exhibition are all arresting compositions. Vitreous Bodies: Assembled Visions in Glass offers a look into – and a reflection of  – life through a contemporary glass lens.

Featuring: Daniel Clayman, Petah Coyne, Mona Hatoum, Timothy Horn, Michael Joo, Dafna Kaffeman, Jacob Kassay, Maya Lin, Lucy & Jorge Orta, Arlene Shechet, Thaddeus Wolfe, and Rob Wynne

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