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Katie Stout Girl Lamp, USA, 2016
Katie Stout Girl Lamp, USA, 2016

R & Company Representation of Katie Stout

21 November 2016

R & Company is pleased to announce representation of Katie Stout. Celebrated for her playful designs, Katie Stout describes her work as "naïve pop," a caricaturization of furniture as it is traditionally understood and of the motifs of suburban domestic life. She utilizes a diverse range of media and often unexpected techniques. Her expansive body of work includes lighting, seating, shelving, mirrors, carpets and curtains.

Stout's practice is shaped by an urge to subtly subvert utilitarian forms and function to create an experience that pushes just past the threshold of what is comfortable-- encouraging her audience to consider elements of the so-called deranged and demented in their everyday lives. Her work is refreshingly disarming in its simultaneous sense of dark irony and the joyful celebration of childhood innocence that it evokes. Stout's intention is to peel back some of the layers of seriousness often associated with the concept of design as well as the melodrama of family household life. The pieces are meant to be well-used, elevating the idea of "wear and tear" as a welcome part of each work's narrative.

"I'm thrilled to be joining a gallery as rooted in contemporary and historical design as R & Company and I look forward to the new work I'll be able to make with them." - Katie Stout

A 2012 graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design, Stout's still nascent career boasts an impressive array of highlights including her fantastical "Bedroom Curio" exhibition presented by Cultured Magazine at Design Miami 2015, which was photographed by Juergen Teller for a Barney's Rick Owens campaign; a furniture collaboration with Bjarne Melgaard for his installation at the 2014 Whitney Biennial; and being named the winner of the first season of HGTV's series "Ellen's Design Challenge" in 2015.

Katie Stout will premiere her new series titled, Girl Lamps in R & Company's booth at Design Miami/ November 30-December 4.

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