The Black Edition : Big Table
The Black Edition : Molar Dining Table
The Black Edition : Molar Swivel Coffee Table
The Black Edition : Cloud Shelf

The Black Edition

In the years between 1968 and 1973, renowned American designer and artist-craftsman Wendell Castle challenged conventions with a daring but short-lived exploration of hot-hued plastic furniture for home and office. In those five brief years, he produced objects that hover wondrously between the organic and inorganic, creating an unprecedented intersection between sculpture, design and craft. The only celebrated American designer to use plastic in design at the time, Castle achieved iconic status in the late 1960s Pop Art movement and the related Pop Design wave. Examples from this "plastic fantastic" moment are included in leading international private collections and museums.

The Black Edition, produced in collaboration with R 20th Century, is a signed limited edition that includes four designs. The iconic Big Table, a monumental and multi-functional design which serves as a dining table, a desk or a conference table in accordance with the prevailing "do your own thing" spirit of the day. Both the Molar Dining Table and the Swivel Coffee Table push plastic to its fullest formal potential through uniquely exaggerated biomorphism. The undulating Cloud Shelf is a functional sculpture that floats suspended on the wall.

Executed from the original molds not used since the early 1970s, the Black Edition re-introduces some of the artist's most radical plastic designs from this period of inspired departure. The gel-coated, fiberglass-reinforced plastic pieces are made for the first time in glossy jet black, a color that emphasizes each object's pure form as never before.

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