Julia Krantz

Julia Krantz (Brazil) combines her strong background in technical woodworking and architecture with a respect for design history and a deep love of Brazil's natural resources to produce a line of furniture that is exceptionally elegant and masterfully handcrafted.

She describes her design as "the search"- a continuous quest for ways to manipulate wood with more precision, a better understanding of the material possibilities and a more conscious connection to the environment and emerging opportunities for sustainable design. From her sculptural vessels- inspired by the way water shapes a landscape over time- to her Mesa Baum dining table featuring a bowl carved into the surface, inspired by her mother's recollection of post WWII scarcities- Krantz imbues her work with a uniquely personal and timeless narrative about how people interact with the objects around them.

A graduate of the University of São Paulo's School of Architecture and Urbanism, Krantz has run her own design studio in São Paulo since 2000. She is a certified member of the Forestry Products Buyers Group, which guarantees her commitment to use only materials obtained through sustainable management.

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