Lluís Lleó

Lluís Lleó (b. 1961) is a self-taught, fourth generation painter who grew up immersed in the classical history of painting from ancient times through the 20th century. His father, Joan Lleó, influenced Lluís's particular interest in fresco painting by giving Lluís early exposure to his studio work and to the spectacular medieval frescoes in museums as well as in the rural churches and chapels throughout the Spanish countryside.

By definition, a fresco painting is intrinsically part of a building -- the water-based paint is chemically bonded into the wet plaster. Much of Lluís Lleó's work references this tradition, while at the same time exhibiting a compelling desire to release fresco painting from the confines of architecture and bring it to life as a three-dimensional, experiential object. Many of his pieces combine painting, design, architecture and sculpture in one exquisitely minimal and elegant form.

As curator Pilar Parcerisas wrote, Lleó "does not apply painting to architecture, but he transforms painting into architecture." In his work, Lleó unites a very classical approach to painting -- as well as his almost innate talent for the art form -- with his uniquely contemporary ideas about how art can be experienced. Lleó's masterful, almost playful, manipulation of form, volume and light offers the viewer a sense of discovery and wonder.

Born in Barcelona, Lleó lives and works in New York, NY. His work is included in museums and collections worldwide.

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