Defying conventional ideas of structure and shape, Bae Sehwa's works begin as a digital rendering of a geometric form. He manipulates the rendering, emphasizing curve and volume, until a rhythmic sculptural form emerges.

Once he has the form established, he moves away from the digital realm back to working by hand and crafts the shape  of the piece from steam bent wood -- strips of hardwood that are steamed for three to four hours until they are pliable enough to be bent into a mold where they set within seconds.

Bae Sehwa's work is derived from the Korean concept of baesanimsu, meaning the back of the mountain and front of the water and he draws heavily from the profound connection to nature in traditional Korean theories of divination. The steam bent wooden frame of this lounge offers a narrative that includes both the tranquil, meditative qualities of flowing water and the strong, comforting silhouette of a mountain.

Bae Sehwa's elegant and minimal work represents a vital continuity between digital possibilities and the harmony with natural materials that handmade work offers.

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