Jin Jang's (b. 1950) work is the epitome of technical mastery -- light, perfectly balanced, textured and colored with a sure hand and a tranquil, beautiful design sense. She uses color to convey a relationship with the natural world, evoking clear blue skies, pale green new growth and soft white flowers. The almost complete absence of weight makes each use of these breathtaking mugs and bowls a truly inspiring experience, one that is rarely produced by an everyday object.

Jang's ceramic work has appeared widely in international exhibitions and museums including the Brno Museum (Czech Republic), Athens: Korea Ceramic Exhibition (Greece), Ceramic Symposium (Poland) and Ceramic Workshop (Taiwan). Jang received an MFA from both Hongik Univeristy in Seoul and Tama Art University in Tokyo. Since 1992 she had been a professor at Kyung-Hee University in Seoul.

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