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Ceramic artist Dae-Sup Kwon's Moon Jars are a triumph of tradition, extraordinary skill and a ceaseless dedication to his craft. Originally made in the 17th and 18th centuries, the Moon Jar form evokes the full moon and the circle of life. Historically, it was honored for its colorless purity, upon which slight imperfections in the material -- varying tones and effects produced in the kiln -- appear almost regal. The natural and simple silhouette of these pieces reveals a Korean aesthetic, differentiating Kwon's work from the Moon Jars of other East Asian cultures. His examples are such an absolute milk white color that they appear almost translucent. The long firing time and high kiln heat make Kwon's Moon Jars exceptionally difficult to produce, with 4 to 6 examples typically made per year.

Kwon received his BFA at the Hongik University in Korea and his work has been exhibited internationally including showings at the National Museums of Korea, Mexico, Russia and Senegal.

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